Who was taylor swift dating before conor kennedy

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What we are hearing now: Lady Tay was cheating on Harry with Conor!

According to new reports the country star and her One Direction hairball started dating back in March, and were STILL seeing each other when she started her summer fling with the American Prince! The idea of T-Swizzle cheating on ANYONE kinda sounds like a big'ol load of bull!

"Taylor is obsessed with the Kennedys and was living out a fairytale with Conor," a source told the gossip site. Earlier this week, Swift debuted her new album, "Red," chock full of songs about her past exes - a collection of Hollywood men that includes Joe Jonas, John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal.

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But it seems that now in her new relationship with 18-year-old Conor Kennedy Swift is a cougar!But let’s add to this equation that this isn’t a normal teenager, it is a Kennedy.A Kennedy that just dealt with the death of his mother, Mary Kennedy, who killed herself earlier this year.I’m sorry but this just seems wrong in a lot of ways. Maybe Conor is thinking he can be the one to break the curse with his new, older girlfriend.A source reveals to The New York Post: “They’ve already said, ‘I love you.’” However, a rep for Swift insisted, “This is not true.” Whether or not this true I just want scream at her “GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!! Because let’s face it, if the relationship doesn’t end up working out, there will be a song about them that puts Conor as the bad guy, and regardless of what will happen, he is not a bad guy, just a teenager.

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