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And you’re not even sorry,” she sings at one point.

Still, she says, she and Braff, 32, remain “in touch.” Asked if she’s concerned about what Braff thinks, Moore says: “No, it doesn’t worry me because the record’s not necessarily all about him.

He wrote and directed a number of short flicks as part of the course, experience he would put to good use eventually. The show stars Zach as medical intern Dr John “JD” Dorian and his best friend, played by Donald Faison, Dr Chris Turk.

However, before his directorial début he joined the cast of a little known sitcom. He got the lead role in the independent film “”Getting to Know You” and followed that up with a string of minor roles in television in 2000. The show focuses on the point of view of JD, with episode themes unified by his narration.

But when the relationship ended, it was “a bummer.” She says the split was the icing on a “the really bad cake.

Born in 1975, Zach Braff grew up in New Jersey and began acting at an early age.

“But selfishly or not, I wanted clarity on certain situations and how I was feeling about certain things, and that’s what propelled me to write.” Moore’s also still in touch with exes Wilmer Valderrama and Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein, both of whom cheered her on at a recent show in Los Angeles.

He has gone on to direct critically acclaimed films and was an early bird in the crowd funding scene. Zach Braff was born on April 6 1975 I South Orange New Jersey., but he soon took a break from acting to attend Northwestern University's film school in Chicago.Before graduating with a bachelor's degree, he wrote and directed a number of short films, giving him experience that would lay the groundwork for later writing and directing duties., a film he wrote, directed and starred in, was released.Coupled with his absurdist day dreams and the natural chemistry between the performers the show was an international hit.The show received much critical acclaim during its run, especially for JD’s fantasy segments, which incidentally they got from the Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright Show “Spaced”.

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