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With the Paradise town council tiring of Jesse, his personal problems and attitude to what they want it is the excuse they have been looking for to get rid of him, especially Councilman Carter Hansen (Jeremy Akerman) who has never liked him.

But despite pressure building on Jesse it doesn't stop him from trying to get the man who hospitalised Healey whilst also dealing with Elizabeth Blue (Camryn Manheim) who believes her baby who was kidnapped many years earlier may have ended up in Paradise.

With little to go on other than a ring they discover the dead girl was Billie Bishop (Carolyn Fitzgibbons) who had a reputation for being a slapper but Jesse along with Luther 'Suitcase' Simpson (Kohl Sudduth) find a connection between Billie and writer Norman Shaw (Gary Basaraba) who in turns has connections with Leo Finn (Steven Flynn) a well known gangster.

With little excitement when it comes to work and his relationship with his former wife causing more personal trouble Jesse Stone starts to hit the rocky road of reaching for the drink again to blot out his problems. Dix (William Devane) Jesse agrees he needs to find something to occupy his mind and get him to focus again and so delves in to an unsolved crime of a bank employee murdered during a robbery.

The thing about all these Jesse Stone Movies is the continuation because whilst each episode gives us a couple of crimes for Jesse to solve we get the more important continuation of Jesse's own story.

As such over the course of these 8 movies we witness his relationship with his former wife over regular phone calls deteriorate causing him to hit the bottle, his friendship with Luther and Rose grow stronger as well as that with therapist Dr.

It is this along with some humour and some superior production values which have made every one of these movies a must watch.

But with his work in Boston leading him to mob boss Gino Fish (William Sadler) things turn deadly.

With the Paradise Town Council getting their way by forcing Jesse to take early retirement he finds it a struggle to deal with his new life with nothing to do.

But whilst he has been retired things have changed with both Luther and Rose having quit.

With little help Jesse must get to the bottom of who would want to kill Hanson's son-in-law especially as Captain Healy has evidence to suspect that he was a crooked cop.

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