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He also hosted several other radio and television programs for the Dutch broadcast station Veronica.Aside Countdown, in the Netherlands Adam Curry is mostly known for his part in the Curry and Van Inkel radioshow (together with Dutch DJ Jeroen van Inkel), broadcast on Radio 3 for Veronica between and on Friday. Besides making spot appearances between music videos, he was also host of the programs Headbangers Ball and MTV Top 20 Video Countdown in which he interviewed stars like Michael Jackson and Paul Mc Cartney.Hoogendijk and Curry divorced in 2015 and he is currently living in Austin, Texas.Curry has been in a relationship with Tina Snider, dubbed The Keeper by John C. In 2005, Curry founded a video sharing site called Pod Show, which later changed its name to Mevio, with Ron Bloom.In May 2008, Mevio claimed to have reached 9 million unique visitors.While working for MTV, he also did radio work, including drive-time host for the New York City radio station WHTZ, and host of the national program Hit Line USA.

But before you click save, you might want to think about adding a few specific words that could boost your chances of finding love.Since 1999, Curry has, at one time or another, lived in Belgium, Guildford, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Austin.Curry was married to Dutch television/radio personality Patricia Paay from 1989 to 2009. In July 2012, Curry married Dutch model and photographer Micky Hoogendijk. On January 29, 2015, Curry announced on the No Agenda podcast that he and Hoogendijk had separated.In 1996, as the Internet was undergoing its "bubble", the company made an initial public offering on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol THNK.It subsequently grew to employ over 7400 people and with offices in seven countries, and was absorbed into Answerthink Inc., in a later merger.

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