Validating jsp page

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The validator task (class ) allows only one parameter: the base path of an exploded web application.

The TCD uses an exploded web application as input (see the list of the properties used below).

Additionally, you should ensure Ant's ant command, and the Java javac compiler command run from the command shell that your operating system provides.

In talking about deployment of web applications, the concept of a Context is required to be understood. In order to configure a Context within Tomcat a Context Descriptor is required.

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In this file, add the following name=value pairs per line: Additionally, you will need to ensure that a user has been setup for the target Tomcat Manager (which TCD uses) otherwise the TCD will not authenticate with the Tomcat Manager and the deployment will fail.

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Only a modest understanding of Apache Ant is required (installation as listed earlier in this page, and familiarity with using the operating system command shell and configuring environment variables).

The TCD includes Ant tasks, the Jasper page compiler for JSP compilation before deployment, as well as a task which validates the web application Context Descriptor.

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