Updating parrot ck3100

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Business users should contract their supplier and the termsand conditions of the purchase FCC Complian Ce Stementat contract.This product should not bemixed with other commercial wastes for disposal. Operationis subject tothe following twoconditions: p te C ro tion D an per GENERA INFORMA l TION Data Se Curity Copyright S Parrotand its suppliersshall not be held liable for any lost data orany other damage resultingdirectly orindirectly from theuse Copyright ©2007 Parrot. Thetotal or even partial or malfunctionof this product. Other trademarks and trade names arethose oftheir respective owners.The first time that you switch on the Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR PLUS, you • Centre: the driveris facing the hands-freekit.mustpair yo FEATURES REMO E T v h E P arrot3200 S-CO l OR l P US l d ISPA l Y The kit’s screen displays your mobile phone’s maininformation, in • The Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR PLUS is equippedwith a USB particular your phonebook. Youcan remove your hands-free kit’s screen when leaving the vehicle. • It is important toswitch off your vehicle’s ignition and then •Display of the caller ’sname and image.

Parrot isdrawing on its longyears of experience in signal processing and voice recognitiontechnology to introduce a hands-free kit offering superior audio quality during calls. The first bracket lets yo youwill automatically beprompted to adjustthe direction of the double PAIRINGWIT h YOUR MOBIE l P ONE: h microphone.I have now tried it 4 times with the same result each time. Upgrading the firmware on your Parrot AR drone 2.0 will fix any bugs of flying issues along with adding new features such as better flying and acrobatics. wai MENUS SE P800/P900 Phonebook Windows CE® Samsung E-720/E-530 o Calls SE K600, K750, W550 Dialledcalls Disable Synchr o Received calls IDEN phones Missedcalls D800, S400i D500, D500e o Dial number Z310 Z300, Z500 o Settings LGU8360, VK Contacts management Sagem phones Phonebook Mngt Headset Phone A, B, C...Names Languages Phonebook zoom ACCESSING TE h MENUS 4lines 3 lines p B hone ook Wallpaper Choose wallpaper Afterpairing your phone with the Parrot3200 LS-COLOR PLUS, Default synchronisation with your phonebookwill begin automatically . Once the synchronisation process is complete, you canaccess your Addwallpapers phonebook from thehands-free kit screen.

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