Updating drivers for bootcamp

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As with installing any low-level software, it is advisable to create a backup beforehand, so that you can roll back, should something not work as planned.The most important driver upgrade IMO is graphics drivers.However, it seems Apple does not let you download Bootcamp drivers outside of their assistant tool.Reinstalling OS X just for the drivers is ridiculous. The page was aimed at people struggling with Boot Camp, but either way, it gets you to the Boot file, which contains the drivers.var microsoft = microsoft

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The important Apple drivers which Windows invariably doesn't have updates for are Facetime camera, Apple keyboard/trackpad/mouse, and the IR receiver.You still need open the OS X installer pkg file to get the the contents out, and to open a DMG file.If you are already in Windows, 7-zip will open it: I have written a tool that helps me deploy Boot Camp in an organization where we manage a dual-boot lab environment, and one of its features is that it can download the driver package for arbitrary models: https://github.com/timsutton/brigadier Either git clone or download an archive of the repo, then within the root of the repo (using an i Mac15,1 here as an example): option can be omitted and it will download the latest version for the current model.This can be done with tools like Winclone for OS X, or with a number of backup solutions for Window.The last time i install Windows 7 (Boot Camp) and drivers on my Mac was a bit long time ago, and i realise that there is some new drivers available for mine, so how can i update my Boot Camp drivers, please help me, and thanks!!! You have Boot Camp 4.x on some form of media now Use various tools in Windows to uninstall a program / driver Reboot Install new program and drivers You want to make sure to make a system restore point, perhaps make a system image Take a look at Device Manager For some drivers, Driver Sweeper 3.x is handy and works well (graphics, audio and others)I'd also use CCleaner 3.x If you have not and don't, clean up the TEMP folder START: rum and then type %TEMP% then SELECT ALL and send everything that will to the Recycle Bin All of which with no apps open i was browsing through looking for an answer to windows7 apple cinema display & sleep mode to wake problems and saw your post. i've been using win7 on my MBP since the launch of win7.

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