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When you go to the Auction House (AH) for the first time after installing Auctioneer, you will see a row of 3 buttons along the top of the main "Browse" frame, click the "play" button to begin your first scan of the entire AH.

Auctioneer will begin recording statistics for every item it finds, including the bid, buyout, and more.

Once the market analysis has completed, you will notice additional information about the items in the tooltips when you mouse over them.

If auctioneer has enough data, when you try to put an auction up for sale, it will attempt to provide you with intelligent pricing points based upon the market data it has accumulated through scanning.

We are now dealing with the fluid and hectic nature of a dog-eat-dog market economy.

Be sure to remove all old files- follow the instructions at .

When you select an item in the full or simple "Appraiser" frame, Auctioneer will suggest a minimum price, a buyout price and display relevant data about it's decision making process in the right, receipt window, including how it has arrived at its prices. Nikk and the rest of the Team at Norganna's Add Ons Date: 2018-03-18 ID: 1Error occured in: Add On: Auc-Advanced Count: 17Message: Note: Add On Auc-Advanced attempted to call a protected function (Pet Action Button4: Hide()) during combat lockdown.

When you place an item in the Simple Auction, "Post" frame, Auctioneer will suggest a minimum bid, a buyout price, and display relevant data, including the deposit and more. We hope this helps people to understand the Auctioneer Suite a bit better. Debug: [C]: Hide() ..\Frame XML\Pet Action Bar Frame.lua:185: Pet Action Bar_Update() ..\Frame XML\Spell Book Frame.lua:517: ..\Frame XML\Spell Book Frame.lua:511Locals: None Add Ons: Swatter, v7.5.5724 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Advanced, v7.5.5724 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Filter Basic, v7.5.5724 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Filter Outlier, v7.5.5724.5459(7.5/embedded) Auc Match Undercut, v7.5.5724.5585(7.5/embedded) Auc Scan Data, v7.5.5724 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Stat Histogram, v7.5.5724 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Stati Level, v7.5.5724 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Stat Purchased, v7.5.5724 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Stat Sales, v7.5.5724.5598(7.5/embedded) Auc Stat Simple, v7.5.5724 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Stat Std Dev, v7.5.5724 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Stat WOWEcon, v7.5.5724.5613(7.5/embedded) Auc Util AHWindow Control, v7.5.5724.5575(7.5/embedded) Auc Util Appraiser, v7.5.5724.5719(7.5/embedded) Auc Util Ask Price, v7.5.5724.5599(7.5/embedded) Auc Util Auto Magic, v7.5.5724.5686(7.5/embedded) Auc Util Compact UI, v7.5.5724.5715(7.5/embedded) Auc Util Easy Buyout, v7.5.5724.5576(7.5/embedded) Auc Util Fix AH, v7.5.5724 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Util Item Suggest, v7.5.5724.5651(7.5/embedded) Auc Util Price Level, v7.5.5724.5633(7.5/embedded) Auc Util Scan Button, v7.5.5724.5631(7.5/embedded) Auc Util Scan Finish, v7.5.5724.5720(7.5/embedded) Auc Util Scan Progress, v7.5.5724.4979(7.5/embedded) Auc Util Scan Start, v7.5.5724.5347(7.5/embedded) Auc Util Search UI, v7.5.5724.5721(7.5/embedded) Auc Util Simple Auction, v7.5.5724.5705(7.5/embedded) Auc Util Vend Markup, v7.5.5724.4828(7.5/embedded) Babylonian, v5.1.

Informant displays additional information about items in their tooltips: buy price; sell price; item level; what quests, classes or professions use the item; the value of the item produced by a recipe; etc.

Informant can also tell you what vendors sell a given item.

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