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A final word on packaging components, although this is in reference to solid dosage forms.

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The methods for glass grains (EP) and the powdered glass (USP) test are similar in that they both determine by titration the amount of alkali released after autoclaving glass containers containing purified water.

This article will concentrate on the quality control of container materials used for packaging parenteral products (glass, plastic and elastomers), good storage and shipping practices as well as providing an overview of new topics that the USP is developing relevant to parenteral products within the Packaging, Storage and Distribution Expert Committee for the 2010-2015 cycle.

While plastic dominates primary and secondary packaging materials for most types of pharmaceutical dosage forms, glass remains the primary packaging material of choice for parenteral products at this time.

If adopted, these changes will bring the USP chapter into close alignment with the EP chapter.

The JP does have the glass grains and surface glass tests but does not use the classification of glass Types I, II and III [4].

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