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On 6th August, 1991 was murdered by the agents of the Islamic Republic Mafia with knife in his Paris home.What the regime did not realize is that they will never kill his ideas.I would say it's most likely the work of the regime's agents, just like all the other ones. ALL IRANIANS IN FRANCE MUST RISE UP AND DEMONSTRATE AGAINST FRENCH GOVERNMENT & DON'T ALLOW FRENCH GOVERNMENT TO GET AWAY WITH IT LIKE WITH DR. Our conclusion is that the French government accepted the below cost oil contract bribes from Mullahs for closing their eyes to killing of key Iranian opposition leadership in France.....Whoever killed him was a Muslim and this was definately an Islamic ritualistic killing directed at someone who wanted to introduce and promote Iranian culture to the rest of the world. History will be a better judge for what French government has done in past 26 years...Investigators have ruled out a political motive, saying the killing was likely a personal affair. s=ea6084206f91eee5d688db4de9b88574;act=ST;f=1;t=8331 The row over the murder of an Iranian residing in France is increasing and many are seeing the foot print of the Islamic regime's notorious hit squads and France's usual complaisance in this new tragedy.The victim named "Kasra Vafadari", a retired Nanterre University Professor, was stabbed to death in his apartment in Paris two weeks ago.As yet, his family and close friends have not been informed of the results of initial investigations which are carried by France.

Activist retains the rights to all content/IP info in in this forum and may re-post content elsewhere.As a firm opponent of all totalitarian rule, he volunteered for service with the French Resistance and served in the "Orlean" battalion in WWII.France sold his hero and soul to cheap oil and contracts from Islamic Mafia. Go to google and type in "Kasra vafadari" and the following link comes up: Wife of murdered Iranian professor held in Paris PARIS, May 19 (AFP) - The wife of an Iranian professor found dead in his Paris apartment earlier this week was taken into police custody on suspicion of complicity, police said Thursday.He had apparently had gotten death threats after that program. Can someone start a petition to French Government and copy EU countries? You can sign petitions till you're red in the face, or you can DO something. You are being presumptuous, assuming I don't support the demonstrators in Belgium. My suggestion was Iranians in France need to draw attention to French government's support of the criminal regime in Iran.I also heard today on Pars TV that there was a memorial for him in Tehran organized by members of the Zoroastrian community and that the Islamic Revolutionary Guards was intimidating members of his family into denying that he was murdered and instead saying that he had died of a heart attack! If there was intimidation, I doubt his family members would ever acknowledge that they were being intimidated by the government. I think it's possible that the killers were Arab-muslims in France but we all know too well that the mullahs are fully capable of these sorts of acts with the 300 Iranians in Europe that they have murdered so far. Most often the French government does not tell their people how they receive bribes.... Shapur Bakhtiar and 100s of oppositions case who killed in France in past 26 years.

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