The infrared wireless port when updating a pda from

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The terminal includes a display providing information about the suite of peripherals installed at a particular location including a map display indicating peripheral status and proposed “minimum walk” for efficiently visiting and servicing the peripheral devices.The invention relates to computer peripheral equipment and in particular to printers configured to interface with a portable maintenance terminals for accessing maintenance information and updating printer software/firmware.

Accordingly, a need exists for a system for and method of performing on site maintenance on computer peripheral and other equipment dispersed about a location without requiring use of attached terminal equipment.The modern office environment typically includes multiple computer workstations, each workstation or group of workstations connected to a nearby printer.It often falls to members of an Information Systems or other computer support staff to maintain, not only the workstations, but the peripheral equipment including printers.Further, printer maintenance personnel must often be physically present at a printer location to perform certain maintenance tasks, such as changing toner cartridges, cleaning the print engine, that it may be convenient to perform other maintenance locally at the printer rather than via remote access.

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