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For them it’s pretty much the same; all the foreigners look very similar. Would you consider getting serious with a Chinese girl?

For the new guys that come here, they would love to get with Chinese girls, who are not looking for anything serious, because it’s different than what they are used to back home.

It seems like western men have one view of how Chinese girls are and what they like and Chinese girls have their own idea about what would work to get them to like a western guy.European girls think they can drink more than me, then they throw up afterwards. On the other hand, there is a big difference in mentality; if I want to have a relationship, I probably won’t choose a Chinese girl because there is nothing to talk about; their horizons are just not very broad.Is it easy for a foreign guy to pick up a Chinese girl?Then there are the girls who are interested in learning English, who want to hang out with foreigners. You can see them circling the foreign guys in bars, which can be a pretty big turn off. Well in China there are many apps like Momo, Scout and Badoo where you can find beautiful girls; you just pick a picture, say hello, then you can meet them. I would not pick up girls in a club or a bar – you won’t find good quality girls.The best thing to do is to look around, but I think the best pick up technique is on the phone first.

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