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Practice identifying the parts of his body and naming familiar objects. Ask him to help sort toys by putting them in similar categories, such as red toys or soft toys. Let him practice feeding himself with a cup and utensils. Take him the park, playground, or zoo to walk, run, and freely explore. As he gains new skills, take a fresh look around your home and adjust your childproofing strategy so he can explore freely and safely.

Your toddler wants to do everything himself: Get his clothes on and off, feed himself with a cup and utensils, and wash his hands. He'll have fun imitating you by talking on a play phone, "feeding" a doll, or pretending to drive a car.

Give your toddler this or that options and allow him to make choices.

Be patient and positive, and remember that he's only just beginning to learn how to control and express himself.

The Gender predictor uses the ancient Chinese Birth Chart that legend states was discovered in a royal tomb near Beijing over 700 years ago.

If you have any questions about time or location of birth, please visit the troubleshooting page.

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