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El-Hamalawy maintained that his accusations were based on evidence documented by international human rights organizations and local Egyptian activists, and that the same evidence remains publicly available.In November 2011, Maged conducted an interview with salafi Egyptian presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail in which he urged her to wear the veil, telling her, "I like for you what I like for my sister, and I admire your courage during the January revolution and I wish the next time we meet, things will be different." A salafi news outlet later re-aired the interview, covering Maged's hair and face with a dark filter during the broadcast. In an interview with Al-Shorouk, she said that ONTV's priorities were national security and unity while her priority was freedom.The episode led to Shafik's announcement of his resignation as Egyptian Prime Minister the next day.His poor performance and the vocal reaction to his responses, as well as the response to Al Aswany's fierce questioning of him, allegedly "helped push Egypt's military rulers into acceding to protester demands and pushing out Mr. as interviews of government figures under the Mubarak regime generally involved sets of prepared questions and would never be so contentious.

After the revolution, her talk show emerged as a crucial space for the airing of critical opinions regarding pressing political and social issues in Egypt.

The interview has been called "the episode that toppled an Egyptian cabinet".

Maged said that she does not attribute Shafik's resignation solely to her show, stating that "I don’t think the show inspired his decision to resign, it simply sped it up.

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