Recipient update service 2016 not updating

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In addition, if you wanted to enforce the use of the Outlook i OS/Android app using Exchange Active Sync policies, as per my previous blog post here, setting up the connector would allow you to configure the Active Sync access rules straight from the Intune Admin Portal.

The steps to configure the connector are already covered in the newly reskinned Enterprise Mobility Documentation, with the specific steps located here – but the purpose of today’s blog is to clarify how you would do this “properly” in a Production environment using a Service Account, as the specifics of this are glossed over in the documentation.

New guidance has been added to this page to clarify changes to age requirements for payments from uncrystallised funds and the extended definition of child dependant introduced by paragraphs 5 and 6 Schedule 5 Finance Act 2016.

This page has been updated under the heading 'When a trivial commutation lump sum death benefit can be paid' to clarify age conditions.

If you note the article, you will see a comment that “Microsoft Intune uses the email address of the currently logged in user to set up the connection”.

That means if you executed the steps using your administrative account (which is what most people will end up doing if they weren’t paying attention), Intune will actually configure the connector to use your account from then onwards to perform its regular syncs (every 2 hours for a quick sync, and daily for a full sync).

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The page has been updated to add legislative references and changes to the text in and under the third heading to clarify existing content.

If you have any questions regarding the update to the process, please see the Rating Matrix FAQ page here .

Please also feel free to reach out to your local Industrial Security Representative or Counterintelligence Special Agent, or send an email to this address: Rating. September 12, 2014Click here to view the latest Ask PSMO-I webinar on Customer Service Requests.

This is not exactly great, as now this functionality is tied to a specific user, of which that account could be expired, disabled or terminated based on the employment status of that person.

Ideally, you want to be using a Service Account for this purpose.

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