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For Germany, Hennig complained in 1874: ‘In the large cities dairies and cowstables make room for distilleries, dyeing works, steam laundries, and cigar factories...Milk of cows fed spent corn, rape, distillery slop and the like is noxious for newborn infants' [5].In France, Budin and Dufour created consultation services named goutte de lait, which distributed sterilized milk and educated mothers in infant care.

Disposal of the wastewater of millions of inhabitants and the manure of thousands of cows was environmentally hazardous.Milk was contaminated with bacteria or adulterated with water, flour, chalk and other substances.When distilleries proliferated in the metropoles, their waste slop was fed to cows which then produced thin and contaminated swill milk.The situation was no better in Germany, and Carl Hennig, director of the Leipzig Children's Hospital, stated in 1874: ‘Often the milk is diluted with water to raise profits. Figures modified from Martiny [6], 1871, and Krafft [49], 1885.The conscientious landowners know that this occurs most frequently during transport and therefore send their products in sealed vessels' [5]. With the invention of the column distillery, mass production of cheap spirits became possible in the early 19th century, and hard liquors abounded in the growing suburbs [7].

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