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Taste, texture, and satisfaction are literal nutritional requirements.In one fascinating experiment, scientists deprived a group of test rats the sensation of taste.So important is the level of crunch that many years ago, potato-chip manufacturers developed a sophisticated apparatus to measure the perceived level of crunch that consumers hear in their heads.The most pleasurable decibel levels were deciphered, and potato chips were subsequently manufactured to these standard orgasmic crunch levels. But what we are not given is a figure for the number of women who commit suicide every week, due to not just physical violence, but the even more sinister abuse that has finally become a crime. It’s arguably the first digestive activity that we bring to a meal, and unlike the chemical processes that occur in our gut, chewing falls under our conscious control.Quite the contrary, the lion attacks because it loves the jackrabbit.Like the lion, human beings have a distinct measure of innate aggression, and developmental psychologists often see this energy as first experienced through the infant’s desire to bite.

The lion must do this because its nature is to be aggressive.This group of “tasteless” rats, along with a control group, were placed on a normal rat diet.Both groups ate the same amount of food, and in a short time the taste-deprived rats all died.But aggression here isn’t meant as some mean, vengeful act.A lion doesn’t attack a jackrabbit because of hate.

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