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Wood notes that F45 is quick but effective, and that the group environment tends to motivate people to push themselves harder.

'You're definitely getting bang for your buck,' he writes on his blog, 28by Sam Wood.

Spokeo rates well here, we had no problem locating our targets. There’s a map on the results page that lets you choose the state you want to narrow your search too. Spokeo searches through 100 different social media sites including blogging, music, dating and shopping sites.Wood also notes that class tends to have 'good music, good energy, and lots of high fives'.But, he adds, the quality of an F45 class is largely dependent on the quality of the studio - noting that some are far better than others.'Some clubs have very poor progression, so many people are forced to do movements that they simply aren't ready for,' he writes.Wood also notes that Cross Fit has become known for causing injuries, and that it focuses very heavily on strength training.9ROUND and 12RND fitness boutiques are just starting to pop all over Australia, bringing a new kind of high-intensity class to the country.

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