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“You’re statistically more likely to be chatted up by a boy if you’re wearing reds,” she notes, smiling. This is supposed to be fun.” As for pick-up lines, forget about them.

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Roe offers these simple tips for gals who’d like to better connect with guys: * Wear bright colors.* Use great accessories to accent whatever you’re wearing. The ease of saying, “This sure is a long line, isn’t it?” may elicit a more natural response than “So what do you do for a living,” out of context.Down and out, forty-something Cal Weaver’s (The Office star Steve Carell) ‘perfect’ life takes a turn for the worse when his wife of 25 years, Emily, (Julianne Moore) decides to leave home, claiming she’s having a mid-life crisis.Spending evenings drowning his sorrows with tequila at a local bar Cal soon becomes acquainted with the suave and smarmy bachelor Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) who decides to give Cal a makeover and teach him how to navigate successfully on the dating scene.

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