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HTTP traffic is what loads websites into your browser.Sometimes an IP address of a totally innocent website gets mixed into the blocklists and this can be annoying.Auto-close will close the update window automatically after a certain time once it has finished updating.Under Miscellaneous, Always hide tray icon means that Peer Block will not be visible in the system tray.List Manager lets you add new lists or stop blocking lists (see later).

It has, however, the power to more or less block out anyone or anything on the Internet as long as you can identify the IP ranges associated with it.

When you are done, click Save, then click the Protection tab to go back to the main interface.

On the main screen of Peer Block (Protection tab) is a button to take you to the List Manager, click it.

It blocks everything from anti-piracy organizations, to law enforcement and to spyware peddlers using long lists compiled by users.

Some believe it can protect even against getting legal hassles over file sharing activity, but it is certainly not guaranteed to do so.

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