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Science teacher Angelo Piccirillo started OHS's science research program in 1998 with three students.

Twelve years later it had 90 students, with Piccirillo and a second teacher, Valerie Holmes, working on the science research full-time.

This disturbance took place just days after the district's announcement of a plan to redraw elementary school boundaries; at the time, one elementary school was over 60 percent Black, while two others were under 10 percent Black.

Victoria Home admits and treats all residents on a non-discriminatory basis in compliance with New York State and Federal Laws which prohibit discrimination based on race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual preference, marital status, blindness, disability, source of payment or sponsorship.

Although Bad opined that it “could arguably be the dumbest sports lawsuit” of last year, it proved quite successful in a Westchester County, N. court: “The Ossining school district must pay 5,000 to a former star high school basketball player for failing to properly supervise a school secretary who carried on a two-year affair with the student, a federal jury has decided.” The athlete, Rahssan Simmons, “said the fallout from the affair [with school secretary Felicita De Jesus] caused emotional and psychological trauma from which he still suffers, and derailed a possible pro basketball career. 27; “District sued over student’s affair with secretary”, Dec.

The school operates an open campus for students above the ninth grade; these students are allowed to leave school supervision during school hours, and often take advantage of food establishments in surrounding Downtown Ossining.

Roughly half of the student population is Hispanic or Latino, with large White and Black minorities and a smaller Asian minority.

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