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It is discrimination, it is oppression, and it is wrong.My personal opinion is that Wonder Woman is the greatest superhero. Now that has often been reflected in my work here at Gay-Nerds but it hasn’t been lawfully pushed onto anyone.But if I were to promote a hatred of a racial minority or deny that the Holocaust happened you can bet that the site’s editor would kick me off of here for good.When you start to make other people live by your beliefs it is no longer a personal opinion because it is no longer personal.Us demanding to be treated with respect and not be the victim of promoters an an ideology that creates a hostile environment for LGBT people is not bullying, it is standing up against bullies.

DC has every right to hire people and not care about their personal opinions. They can hire someone who hates Marvel, someone who thinks the Yankees suck, etc, etc.But we’ve come into an area that is under much debate right now: should the personal opinions of an employee matter to an employer? Liking vanilla over chocolate, thinking peas are gross, those are personal opinions.Trying to deny a group of people rights is not an opinion.Based on the overwhelming empirical evidence that like-minded people have a far better chance at success in a relationship today, Trump.Dating was made by patriots, for patriots, passionate about putting America first in their future.

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