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See the list of specific changes to the ADA made by the ADA Amendments Act.

To implement this mandate, EEOC's Management Directive 715 ("MD-715") directs covered agencies annually to review their EEO and personnel programs, policies, and performance standards in accordance with specified criteria to identify where their EEO programs can become more effective and to identify and eliminate barriers that hamper the advancement of any applicants or employees with disabilities.

This definition is broader than the above-listed "targeted" or severe disabilities that the federal government has identified for special emphasis in affirmative action and data collection. The fact that a function is listed in a job description as essential is relevant, but not necessarily controlling.

It is also broader than the severe disabilities eligible for Schedule A appointment authority discussed below. The following are answers to frequently-asked questions from managers and employees about affirmative action and non-discrimination provisions of the Rehabilitation Act applicable to applicants and employees with disabilities. Must a federal agency have an affirmative action program for individuals with disabilities that establishes specific hiring and advancement plans? Section 501 of the Rehabilitation Act requires all agencies, regardless of their size, to have an affirmative action program plan for individuals with disabilities.

Drawing on actual experiences to provide practical examples, this publication provides an overview of legal issues that affect the hiring and advancement of people with disabilities in the federal government.

This document is intended as a reference tool for federal government managers and supervisors who, by hiring applicants with disabilities and ensuring equal employment opportunity for employees with disabilities, can reverse the current trend and fulfill the employment mandates of Section 501.

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