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When you arrive at your date location, "check in" on social media so that others can see where you are.

If the date takes a dangerous turn, your friends and family will have an easier time finding you.

Some advise only meeting in daylight hours, but Ordolis said that's overkill — just make sure it's not your place, their place or an isolated location.

When she dated online, Ordolis said she would do a screen grab of her dates information and send it to a friend so they'd know if anything happened to her. "But there are serious risks involved." Don't stay sober just because you might do something dumb and not get another phone call, Ordolis said — do it because your safety is at stake.

Take a look at the infographic below to ensure a safe and enjoyable online dating experience in your quest for love.

These days, online dating is more popular than ever. D., ABPP has six tips you should keep in mind to avoid a dangerous situation when you are meeting new people.

Grandbois, who works with the VPD’s sex crime unit, said there was not any particular site that was of concern, but that predators might be on multiple websites at a time, adapting their profile as needed.

It was the second time he was convicted for sexually assaulting a woman he met online — he lured the women using a false name and assaulted them after meeting for a date.Make sure that information is not available on any of your social media including Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. "Just because some dating sites ask for a lot of personal information doesn't mean you have to give it, Ordolis said.Someone wants to know your address to send you flowers or a singing telegram? "Get to know people as you encounter them," she said.Check in with the friend during or after the date, she reminds. "You need to have your wits about you," Ordolis concluded.In recent years, police have noticed an increase in online dating as the reason for initial contact in sexual assault and fraud cases, spurring the campaign announced Wednesday.

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