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There is abundant evidence of ineffective management in our schools and universities, in the civil services, in the public corporations and state owned companies, in the judiciary and in the Army. Ejiofor, asking a question on inefficiency, the management oriented insider will say “fairly in the circumstance, ‘badly’ the outsider will say, “very badly”, the critic will say, ‘terrible, really terrible’, from someone ho has recently suffered in the hands of one of our inefficient institutions. With the creation of the state all the Ministries which existed in the former Ebonyi state automatically took off in the new Ebonyi state including the ministry of Agriculture.The Historical Background Of The Ministry Of Agriculture used for this study came into being on the 11 August, 1991 following the pronouncement by the military president of the federal Republic of Nigeria, General I. It is pertinent to mention that the history of Agriculture in Nigeria dates back to the colonial history of the Nigeria.To the question of inefficiency in the civil service, there is no doubt that it is so, but the lingering question is why it has continued unabashed over the years.

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The commissioners or ministers as the head are in most cases mere political figure heads and may not have been trained in the art of administration or the technical qualification for their posts, unlike career civil servants who have acquired experience on his job training for many years.

He avoids work and responsibility but loves money, wealth and all the good things of life.

The Nigerian worker is money and material oriented, who is pleasure seeking and egocentric wants to get rich quickly.

IMPARTIALITY AND NEUTRALITY: As a non-political offer, a civil servant is expected to be impartial in the performance of his duties.

This implies that the civil servant is expected not to be influenced party feelings in carrying out his duties.

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