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The Special Rapporteur strongly encourages all Governments wishing to do so to invite him to visit their countries in order to strengthen mutual cooperation and understanding, for the sake of eliminating all forms of intolerance and of discrimination based on religion or belief.He is also considering asking some Governments to allow him to visit their countries. In some cases, having been notified in good time of serious allegations, concerning amongst others harassment, arbitrary detention and attempts on people's lives, the Special Rapporteur decided to resort to the urgent appeal procedure (see chap. The Special Rapporteur is particularly grateful for the efforts of those Governments which attempted to shed light on the allegations submitted to them, in accordance with the wish expressed by the Commission on Human Rights in its resolution 1994/53, to the effect that Governments should respond “expeditiously to requests for information made to them through the procedures, so that the thematic special rapporteurs concerned . The Special Rapporteur will also in future apply himself to studying the question of Governments which do not furnish replies to the allegations transmitted to them, a problem to which he wishes to call the Commission's attention. These questions were in many cases accompanied by requests for legislative and other relevant texts. As for the follow-up to allegations communicated to Governments and the replies received from them, the Special Rapporteur has reported his views and observations and has reverted to specific situations whenever the problems and manifestations of religious intolerance so required, or as long as Government replies - or the lack of them - failed to provide the necessary clarification. Legislation in the field of tolerance and non-discrimination in relation to religion or belief 113 D.The Government of Greece, in a letter of 14 April 1994, agreed in principle to a visit in situ by the Special Rapporteur.

Moreover, the Special Rapporteur wishes to maintain and strengthen the cooperation already established with other special rapporteurs or independent experts responsible for special procedures with a bearing on his mandate by, among other things, examining specific problems with them in greater detail.He also discussed the possibility of preparing a questionnaire on problems concerning freedom of religion and belief in educational establishments and requested their cooperation in that respect.Following these consultations, the Special Rapporteur prepared the questionnaire (contained in the annex) and sent it to the Governments on 27 October 1994 (see chap. The Special Rapporteur held similar consultations with l EE. Conclusions and recommendations 131 Appendix 1 - Members of religious orders subject to various restrictions Appendix 2 - Reply from the Chinese authorities IV. Questionnaire addressed to Governments and relating to freedom of religion and belief in primary and secondary schools E/CN. At its forty-second session, the Commission on Human Rights decided, in resolution 1986/20 of 10 March 1986, to appoint for one year a special rapporteur to examine incidents and governmental actions in all parts of the world inconsistent with the provisions of the Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief, and to recommend remedial measures for such situations. In accordance with the terms of that resolution, the Special Rapporteur submitted his first report to the Commission at its forty-third session (E/c N.4/1987/35). Implementation of legislation and policy on tolerance and non-discrimination based on religion or belief 118 E.

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