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" gushed a source to buff before meeting Cook, but since then they realized they've had more in common than just a sense of humor and their love for the same Hollywood eatery. "She went through the whole reality show thing too so she understands," a source told seventh-season results show broadcast, Cook was asked a question by a fan about his current relationship status. Then I had a spiritual experience that said, it’s time for you to leave. I just think it’s very funny that [Romney] was the governor of one of the first states that actually had same-sex marriage accepted, and yet now denies that he believes in that. I saw the documentary [ was Travis Wall, who has a new reality show on Oxygen.It was the most divine, true, soul-searching experience that I’ve ever felt. He’s gay, too, and was pretty open about it back then. He was my first crush after I came back from my mission, actually.Ironically, and I feel like it’s kind of a beautiful thing, but two days after the podcast came out, I got a call from my agent, auditioned for a movie and I got the role—as a straight, misogynistic, asshole man.

Most guys tend to feel like they have give up their faith, or leave the church, or kill themselves, or live a lie, or live a celibate lifestyle. You won’t ever be able to serve with the youth of the church.The network was smart to air its new gay reality dating show when ABC wasn't airing its dating shows.Lance Bass, whose real name is James Lance Bass, is a pop singer, dancer, actor, film and television producer, and author.Your interview with Mormon Stories is incredibly compelling. I was on a television show, and it was very widely known that I was LDS. Not much of a surprise considering I was a dancer, but still a surprise to many—especially those who didn’t want to know. I’ve been engaged once, semi-officially twice—and after there was love, I confessed to them about my situation. I felt that God had blessed me with all these talents, and if I had done something sinful, it would have been a slap in his face. I’ve had some friends since this podcast that have been assholes and others that say I love you even more—and these are LDS friends. What was the final straw that prompted you to leave the church?I’d been out of the church for about a year when I did the interview. There are other people that were shocked as shit, but are still supportive. I get at least 10 emails a day from kids that say, I was going to kill myself, and I heard something in the podcast that rang true to me, and I’m holding on. When a gay member of the church confesses to even the most minimal of homosexual activity—if you’ve seen the movie Latter Days, it was like that, but it wasn’t as hateful or cinematic. They called me in and explained [I would go through] disfellowshipment, a time where we don’tparticipate in activities in the church, can’t pray in public.

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