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As well, there is a lot number 37, a relatively low lot number, which probably places it in 1929, though it could always be really late in 1928.

The use of a lot number is interesting in that they appear to be quite rare in hats from C&K, Dobbs, and Cavanagh.

There is a rule of thumb regarding dating soft felt hats (what we now call fedoras) at just a glance, which postulates that hats with taller crown plus narrower brims are from the 1920s to mid-1930s or so, whereas hat crowns slightly lowered but brims grew wider from roughly the late-1930s through the 1940s into the early-1950s.

From the mid-1950s onward to the present day, crowns typically tend to be lower and brims are very narrow.

As for Cavanagh factory labels, they were usually filled in by hand by someone at the factory, rather than printed by machine as with C&K and Dobbs hats from the same period, though later in the '30s they also became printed.This older styling seems to disappear before 1936, though Derby-wearing was on a serious decline at that point anyway.The early Derbies also had the hat size embossed on the sweatband, a feature that disappeared early on as well.The earliest versions on Cavanagh hats say John Cavanagh, Ltd, and "247 Park Avenue, New York." This address in the liner dates from the opening of the store in November/December 1928, though Cavanagh didn't apply for a trademark until December 12, 1929. These versions are from 1928 to 1936, and probably on the earlier side.Note that one style mentions the Cavanagh Edge Process across the top of the shield, and the other doesn't.

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