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The remaining 23,000 tonnes were supplied by India’s Tata Steel and even the erection work was reassigned to a local engineering firm of Howrah — the Braithwaite, Burn and Jessop Construction Co.

Trams used the bridge: As lakhs of commuters daily cross the bridge now either by foot on on cars and buses, but during its initial days of existence, trams used to ply on the bridge transporting people to and fro from the twin cities.

Renamed Rabindra Setu in 1965 after Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, the suspension-type balanced cantilever bridge has a central span of 1500 ft. As the bridge completes being functional for over seven decades, here are some interesting facts about the unique structure that you might be interested in. Yes, the gigantic bridge spread across the width of River Hooghly does not have a single nut and screw joining the array of metallic structures.

Instead, the unique bridge was built by riveting the whole structure, which means a metal piece (rivet) is used to connect two or more plates inserted through the hole in plates and pressed on the other side.

It’s the ‘new’ Howrah Bridge: Even though the vintage structure has been around for more than seven decades and even stood witness to the Second World War, it is ironically called the ‘New’ Howrah Bridge.

Even though the proposal to replace the old pontoon bridge had begun in the early 1900s, it was delayed owing to the catastrophic war. However, it was completed until the Second World War.

No formal inauguration: Even as a marvel for architects, engineers and the Colonials who built the emblematic landmark, it did not even have a formal opening, forget a grand inauguration.

It was completed in 1942 and opened to the public in February 1943 but was not highlighted due to a fear of attacks by Japanese planes fighting the Allied Powers.

From Satyajit Ray to Richard Attenborough and Mani Ratnam to Anurag Basu, the popular iconography of Kolkata has been celebrated by film-makers and photographers alike.

Connecting the twin city of Kolkata (earlier known as Calcutta) and Howrah, on either sides of River Hooghly in Bengal, the archetypal structure is one of the busiest bridges on the country.

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