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She thought he might be referring to the men who post crass and vulgar photos online.

Or he might be worried about the various scammers who are increasingly targeting the nascent internet in Myanmar.

Many of them feature sensational and salacious tales, cribbed from Facebook pages with a very loose definition of facts.

Drinking ice-cold water while eating hot food will give you a stomach ache!

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For nearly five decades, Myanmar lived under military dictatorships that suppressed all forms of dissent and limited free speech, leading to US and European sanctions that largely cut off the country from the rest of the world.

That changed in 2011, when the military junta was officially dissolved and a nominally civilian government was established.

And on this day, she had walked purposefully into a phone shop in central Yangon to buy her first smartphone, a simple model by China’s Huawei that is popular among her friends. “I guess I’ll find out how crazy [the internet] really is.”It’s not that she’d never seen the internet before.

She’d tried to stalk ex-boyfriends through a friend’s Facebook page and caught glimpses of the latest Thai pop bands on her uncle’s old tablet, which he bought secondhand a year ago.

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