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Roka is perfect for that that ’getting to know you better” date, and/or “I want to find out if you are actually fun and have a personality” date.

The lively atmosphere means that it’s impossible to have a bad time at this modern Japanese restaurant on Charlotte Street, and the food is all good.

It’s time to throw in a steak date because, you know, you want to eat steak.

But you also want to eat somewhere where you want to see how your date holds up in ‘real lighting’. The restaurant’s sexy interior and sexy lighting might nearly entice you take an actual interest in the person sitting opposite you, but in reality you’ll be fully distracted by the beautiful Galician blond steak on the table.

Set in a grand Grade II listed building with high ceilings, epic staircases, and a highly swanky interior, this restaurant will give any potential new love who is into ‘nice stuff’ the horn.Under this lighting it may look better than your date.This Spanish tapas restaurant just off Tottenham Court Road is the restaurant to keep in your back pocket for that time when the moon and stars finally align, and the person you’ve been texting for weeks is finally free to meet in real life.Launched in 2001, Older Women Dating has over 1,000 new users per day, you will get more chances of meeting your older women(Cougars) or younger men(Cubs) there.With the premium dating service, it's easy to find a lasting relationship, or even marriage!

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