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With jobs hard to find almost all of my friends had to suffer at the hands of desi consultants. These consultants still continue to exploit desis in the name of H1B. I received a receipt confirmation for my I-140 petition. I tried to check on the status on USCIS website in case status. :cool: It will also be passed in an unanimous consent by both parties.. Reid has the option to set up a procedural vote next weekwellwishergc..

Don't worry, the New Form-Factor Conroe Mini-Tower/Home-Theatre Mac� will be here soon.We should all petition Apple to stop making compelling devices!Antenna and reception issues have been an issue with all cell phones from the very beginning.Hopefully, this is one of many reunions to come, even if that does mean they’re growing up.If an employer fires an employee and continues to give severance pay for a couple of months, do they usually cancel H1B immediately or wait for the period of severance pay before cancelling H1B?

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