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As you already know, the more links a web page has, the higher it will typically rank on search engines… I took the 327 blog posts I have written on Quick Sprout and broke them down into two buckets.The first bucket contained blog posts that were fewer than 1,500 words, and the second contained posts that were greater than 1,500 words.The short copy had a negative ROI of 66%, and the long copy had a positive ROI of 50%.In the last test, the long copy converted better by 45.45%.Marketing Experiments ran three tests to see whether long or short copy converted better.They drove Google Ad Words traffic to both copies and saw that in each case the long copy converted better.In the first test, the long copy converted better by 40.54%.In the second test, there was a much larger difference.

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. I hope this post convinces you that you need to start writing longer copy.Whether it is sales pages, blog posts or anything else, Neil Patel is a New York Times best selling author.Maruse Heath, a leader in the New Black Panther Party (seen here wearing paramilitary garb and posing with a gun) was arrested in New York after police found he was in possession of a unlicensed, loaded hand gun Heath's entire face is covered in 'black power' tattoos including one not pictured here which reads 'Kill Whitey' described by Urban Dictionary as a phrase yelled to intimidate white prisoners in prison ‘It is no crime to belong to the Black Panther Party,’ Heath’s lawyer countered, according to the newspaper. ‘The group does, ‘charity work within the local community, outreach to the homeless, and works with at-risk youth who are at risk of becoming criminals.’’Heath has also been videotaped spewing violent comments at a festival celebrating African Heritage, 'You want freedom you gonna have to kill some crackers.

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