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According to organizers, over 100 couples have gotten married after meeting at the World’s Largest Block Party.

While the event’s matchmaking potential may be as exaggerated as its “world’s largest” moniker, we have to admit that street festivals great opportunity to meet new people.

While having the ability to block out the outside world can be convenient in many scenarios, it also makes it incredibly difficult to approach you.

The next time you’re tempted to crawl into your own little bubble at a coffee shop or on the CTA, pull out a book instead.

Besides, how often do we hear those “I forced myself to go out and ended up meeting my future wife! Some people are lucky enough to be born with the gift of gab, but for the rest of us, walking over hot coals sounds preferable to chatting up an attractive stranger.

Dating guru Matthew Hussey has a great piece of advice that’s doable for even the biggest introverts: challenge yourself to talk to three new people every single day.

Whether you participate in the host committee for an upcoming fundraising event, volunteer a few times a month at a local nonprofit or for an event like the Chicago Marathon, volunteering will provide you with plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded people.

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Admit it: you’re guilty of using your phone and headphones as a “do not disturb” sign when out in public, aren’t you?And if someone a jerk when you put yourself out there, then he’s a jerk and how lucky you are that you found out so soon! Maybe it’s not a pick up line, it’s just the first thing you say.” Let’s continue to find out how smart my friends are: 1. How do you get the ball rolling aka the conversation started?My thing is — and I know this is not the case for everyone — I hate online dating. I have lots of friends who kick ass at it and I know that there are great people online, I just tend to do better in person.I have a pact with myself that if all my IRL options dry up, I will happily resort to online dating.

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