How to identify a player in the dating game

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You can tag other people who has touched their base before you and are on the opposite team.If they've touched their base after you've touched your base, they can tag you, and you can't tag them.Then he returns to his place and the priest calls out, "Lapit! " The player then falls out of line and stays somewhere near the priest as a prisoner.A rough circle is drawn on the ground and one person from the group is tagged.The batter holds the long bamboo stick with one hand and tosses the short one with the other hand.The batter then strikes the shorter stick with the longer stick.

A longer line is drawn between the hole and the throweing line. All the anak are placed on the throwing line, and players try to throw their pamato into the hole from the throwing line.The goal is to tag the other team's base without getting tagged.If you're tagged, you're transferred to the other team and must be rescued.If nobody catches the stick, any player can pick it up.The batter then puts down the longer stick on the ground.

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