How is 50cent dating

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“He was mad because at one point we were doing so much music together, he was getting upset—because I wasn’t really at the crib doing a whole bunch of music with the Unit but he heard all the records I did with Miss so he felt some type of way,” she explained.According to Olivia, she and Missy were never romantic partners. “On his phone because he never had a password on his phone, you know old n—as, they don’t know any better.I had a gut feeling one day when he went in the shower and I was like, let me look on the counter right quick. He came out the shower and started looking for me, came by the crib started banging on the door,” she said.“It rubbed me the wrong way.” The former G-Unit member came clean about the fact that she had feelings for 50 Cent, but insists they didn’t sleep together.“Come on 50′s a big muscle dude, yeah he was cute.

In detailing her romantic past with Fiddy, Viv claimed he was more interested in his career than getting freaky in the sheets with her.“I give you a little of Love and Hip Hop, and a lot of some personal life stuff that guys wouldn’t expect to hear from me like relationships.” She also revealed that she was in a serious relationship with Shaggy.“The craziest one that a lot of people wouldn’t expect is the Shaggy thing,” she said. He was a cheater.” According to Olivia, she caught him red-handed with another woman.Oh and do the laundry.” (Mc Carthy’s rep Brad Cafarelli said she was on vacation and couldn’t be there.) Handler used her last breath on E!’s airtime to promote her new gig on Netflix, beginning in 2016.

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