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Case two: Online petition On 27 June 2016, several party members from Qianjiang city in Hubei province violated the law by illegally using a We Chat group to circulate a petition against a construction plan for a pesticide factory.The incident led to a public rally and obstructed public order.In addition to the list, the Public Security Bureau also presented a number of past cases, cited below, in which chat group administrators were punished through criminal prosecution or “political consequences.” Case one: Insulting police officers A man from Jieshou county of Anhui province was frustrated by traffic police, who had established a late night checkpoint for drunk driving.In a chat room that he created, he wrote: “Are they nuts? [They are] a bunch of assholes who just want money.” As the insulting comments created negative social impact within his circle, the man was detained for five days for picking a quarrel.Recently, nine members of the chat group received party discipline, five received discipline warnings and 40 had to be re-educated.

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Following the introduction of China’s regulation on “rumors” in 2013, many netizens migrated from open social media platforms (such as Sina Weibo, similar to Twitter) to chat services for sharing information, because these tools allowed them to create closed groups and have semi-private conversations.Users who violate these rules will have certain account privileges suspended, and have their social credit scores lowered.The regulations also require that the companies record, monitor and retain users’ chat records for at least six months and notify authorities whenever they spot abusive use of group chats.From 8 October onward, chat group administrators will become a key human resource in China’s internet control infrastructure.Dovetailing with China’s new regulation on the management of online comments, the news rules will also force chat service companies (such as We Chat and QQ) to punish users who have not verified their identities or who have violated other terms of use, such as posting scams, rumors or politically sensitive material.

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