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It is not clear whether these users’ activities were observed by chat service companies, chat group administrators, or some combination of the two.

Dovetailing with China’s new regulation on the management of online comments, the news rules will also force chat service companies (such as We Chat and QQ) to punish users who have not verified their identities or who have violated other terms of use, such as posting scams, rumors or politically sensitive material.The writer signed off as Pei-Yi-Sau, but the person's real identity is not known.Some protesters, unhappy with what they called "failed" strategies of the Federation of Students, tried to mobilise chat room members after police destroyed barricades on Queensway on Tuesday.After about an hour, the police, outnumbered by the crowd, retreated. At about midnight, a thread on Hong Kong Golden suggested that water tanks be deployed to flood the tunnel. At 1.10am yesterday, another thread thanked members of another online chat room, Hong Kong Discuss Forum, for helping. Many worked to erect barriers inside the Lung Wo tunnel, piling plastic street barriers and concrete drain covers to block the tunnel.A teenage protester said the new road blocks were created after police destroyed the elaborate barricades on Queensway - flattened by officers in 45 minutes on Tuesday.

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