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All that and more are included here and you can even skip to the bits that you want to read first, because no-one wants to read a paragraph of puff before they get to the meat.It only takes the first cinematic to show this has been one big lie; he actually runs a cab firm in fear of the Russian mob and lives in a cockroach infested hovel.A kind, innocent side to him is portrayed through his relationship with Michelle (the first girlfriend). It’s not just through his intriguing back story that Niko becomes a more human character than previous anti-heroes; it'salso down to the way GTA IV introduces more naturalistic body animation.You can see this in the lope of his walk, the way his feet touch every step when he runs down stairs – even in the movement of individual fingers.Patch 8 updates the game to the latest version (see Patch notes for changes). The previous version, Patch, is also available (may be required for some mods).and saving it to your root installation folder you can alter the way your game runs.

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The trick they’ve pulled is to realise a distinctly mature, 'organic'and intelligent vision of New York.

However, driving around the city with the radio pumping often creates some of GTA IV's 'special' moments; cruising the streets of Algonquin in the driving rain with Miles Davis or speeding down the freeway at sunset to the sounds of Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene No.4.

You'd miss out on this if you just took taxis everywhere.

However, it's not just the neon lights, foliage and street furniture (Rockstar actually has a 'props' guy) that create the unique NYC/LC aura - it's what's going on in the background: the police pulling people over on the Algonquin bridge, the hot dog vendors, the drunken bums, the dodgy dealers lurking in the shadows of Bohan's run-down housing projects.

And while in San Andreas these bit part characters were like clockwork dummys, traipsing around on a never-ending loop now each one feels more like an individual.

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