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The family were then all ready for the big day when celebrity cleaners Kim Woodburn and Aggie Mac Kenzie, whose show appears on Channel 4, would transform their home.

But TV producers made a routine check with social services who said no and insisted they pull the programme.

'Things have really got on top of us and with Kim and Aggie's help we would have been able to get back on the right track,' she said.

'I really don't understand them saying it would be a bad thing for us. 'My son was gutted when he had to tell all his friends that he wasn't going to be on the TV.

While there's nothing so joyful as spring sunshine streaming in through your windows, it can make a home look, well, just a bit grubby, with every fingerprint and mark suddenly depressingly obvious.'It says a lot about what kind of boy he is - he only ever thinks of others,' she said.'He was so excited about it and it is a shame he wasn't able to get his dream.After you have completed your profile it will be posted on the site.If someone sends you mail in our internal system, we will send a notice to you at your regular email address.

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