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Around 10% of the people in the world are currently living with a disability.

People with disabilities still work, do sports, travel, and raise families.

Pinoy humor, even in the most difficult situations always worms its way, and usually ends up softening the impact of what could otherwise be a bad situation.

The Leo man is a very sociable being, however, and will want to be out and about a great deal, showing off his lovely partner.

That’s why everyone tries online dating at some point in their lives.Disabled dating can turn a challenging chore into an enlightening and happy life.Create your profile this instant and enjoy all the benefits that our disabled dating service offers you to find your perfect match!Perhaps your telephone is set up with a relay service for the deaf and hard of hearing.It may be difficult explaining to a non-disabled person that your dating days are not over, and in fact, you’re eager to find someone to share your life.

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