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Uncompromising sound and picture quality come as standard.With the Beo Vision MX range, television becomes a versatile feature that blends into your home and lifestyle. Beo Vision MX 8000 is ideally suited for standing alone or being used on a motorised stand.Based around the chassis, Beo Vision MX8000 is brought up-to-date with the following options: (either as Master or Slave), RF Modulator (if used as Beolink® master), Set-Top Box Controller (with full on-screen graphics), Anti-Reflex coated and Dolby Digital Surround Sound (including DTS).A camcorder connection is placed below the screen where the manual control on previous MX televisions was situated.The stacked-build of the device makes it possible to place it in a corner…Technically it contains many new functions, including the integration of a that reduces disturbances from incoming light." So wrote The Danish Design Council when presenting their 1986 ID prize for exceptional design to and Bang & Olufsen for the . 910556171 Game of book thrones sparknotes 2 ### Honda hf 1211 owners manual &&& Bleach guide hollow --- 2034531123 1281e9d85ea3d9692855d0 ## Non guide domestic services 2010 building Manufactured: 2002 - 2006 Designer: David Lewis Colours: Black, blue, grey, white, light blue Beo Vision MX8000 - original concept endures while technologies change "Whereas the MX TVs we produce today look the same on the outside as those we produced in the mid-1980s, they are completely different on the inside", states Torben Ballegaard Sørensen, Bang & Olufsen President and CEO.

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Surround sound The Dolby® Digital surround sound module is a new optional feature that allows the MX 8000’s existing speakers to act as centre channel in a surround sound setup.

Bang & Olufsen’s patented picture quality elements, known collectively as , ensure your visual experience contains the correct balance of sharpness, brightness, saturation and black level, allowing you to enjoy the programme instead of fiddling with the settings.

The optional anti-reflection coated , mounted in front of the picture tube, reduces the amount of incoming light by up to 99%, ensuring that you’re not disturbed by unwanted shadows or reflections.

Connections Connections to Bang & Olufsen's and VCR are undertaken simply and easily; Beo Vision MX 8000 also features the ability to serve as a Beolink® master, distributing sound and picture throughout the home. There are three placement options - a stand (with optional shelf for or - as in above picture), a motorised floor stand and a motorised base.

It also has its own in-built stand to tilt back the set (as in /).

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