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Picture tube/Visual picture 70 cm (4:3) - 66cm (viewable picture), Black line, Black Matrix Contrast screen Grey glass Vision Clear Automatic picture control Auto cut-off CTI Adaptive Luminance Peaking Scan Velocity Modulation Teletext Improved Teletext 9 memory pages per program CTV system According to type: B/G/D/K/I/L/L´/M, PAL/SECAM, NTSC on AV Tuner range 45- 860 Mhz, VHF band I-III, S, Hyper, UHF Pretuned TV programmes 99, auto naming 8 Program Groups Stereo decoders Menus Languages A2 NICAM English, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Swedish Speakers Power amplifier modules 4 units Frequency range 65-20.000 Hz Max sound pressure level 95 d B Cabinet principle/Net volume Bass Reflex/2.6 litres Woofer 100mm Tweeter 18mm Bass equalizer Adaptive Magnetic shielded Yes Satellite module (DVB-S) Tuner range 950 - 2150 Mhz Down conv. Set-top box Controller (Optional) Mini jack Optional features/modules: Digital satellite module (DVB-S) 4034 Set-top box Controller 4060 System Modulator EU 4016 System Modulator GB 4018 Master Link module 4015 Anti Reflex Contrast Screen* Digital Surround Sound module (AC-3/DTS) *Only available as factory fitted. TV Floor stand 4109 102 cm Motorised floor stand 4074 107 cm Motor base 4073 72 cm Shelf V8000/DVD1 4134 Market specifications: Market: Type: Country: Active CTV system Basic CTV system *) System modulator NEU 9100 A-B-CH-D-DK-E-GR-I-N-NL-P-S-SF-Other B/G B/G G F-GB 9101 F-CH B/G/L/L'/I B/G/L/L'/I/D/K G GB 9102 GB I B/G/L/L'/I/D/K I HK 9103 HK D/K/M/I B/G/L/D/K/M/I I AUS 9105 AUS B/G B/G G EEU 9106 SNG, EEU B/G/D/K B/G/L/L'/I/D/K G *) Basic CTV systems can be switched ON in Service menu Created: 22nd December 2006 Modified: 3rd September 2007 Author Notes: DBA Køberbeskyttelse med Pay Pal Sælger har valgt at sælge sin vare med DBA Køberbeskyttelse med Pay Pal. It just shows the software number (1.1)There are 3 consoles I want to use: Japanese Saturn - looks 14/18 Volts control, Tone Control (22 Khz), Di SEq C 1,2 Conditional Access Common Interface - 2 slots PCMCIA Middelware MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) Pre-tuned programs 9999 Radio or SAT Connections: Input TV Ariel, 1 x 75 ohms V. Når du betaler via Pay Pal sikres dit køb af en vare, som sendes med post eller leveringsfirma fra sælger til dig. Analogue Interactive CMVS - picture a bit dull even with contrast and colour maxed out.Big bass effects remind you of a trip to the cinema once you’ve connected a subwoofer, an 850-watt low-frequency producer to highlight the thrills and spills of a large-screen auditorium."With the Beo Vision MX range, television becomes a versatile feature that assimilates into your home and lifestyle." Beo Vision MX makes TV a discreet part of your interior decoration.In 1984, when the MX range was introduced with (the forerunner of ), TV sound was produced by passive log-line loudspeakers, producing either stereo or mono sound.Whether coming from a television programme or VHS, Betamax or Video 2000 VCR, it was only experienced as coming from the TV itself.Today six powerful are becoming more and more popular.In 2002, important dialogue emerges from the powerful which, following the original MX design, are sill located directly below the screen.

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The optional anti-reflection coated , mounted in front of the picture tube, reduces the amount of incoming light by up to 99%, ensuring that you’re not disturbed by unwanted shadows or reflections.

Either standing freely on the floor, placed on a dresser or on a motorised stand, your Beo Vision MX 8000 can show up where you prefer, rather than dictating where it should be placed.

Connecting to Bang & Olufsen's and videotape recorder takes place simply and easily, and Beo Vision MX 8000 also features the ability to serve as a Beolink® master, distributing sound and picture throughout the home in B&O’s popular distribution system.

Another central element to the MX concept is modularity.

Numerous placement, connection and build-in possibilities combine to offer a large degree of freedom within the same concept.

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