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He finally got up and laid me down hovering over me. He leaned in for another kiss and moved his hips out then back in. I could see the muscles in his arms and abs working hard to keep up. "I'm not gonna be a good boy anymore and wait." He said into my neck and my toes curled. "I'm sorry." He whispered and I shook my head."No it's okay.." I said squirming under him. He pulled back and went in again, and again, and again. I moaned grabbing his neck above me and he smirked."Say my name." He said lowly."Jimin.. He pecked my lips and kissed his way to my ear where he whispered softly; "Jump." I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist and I could already feel his already growing erection. " I said getting to my knees and walking over to the edge, grabbing his hardened bulge in my hand.He was standing next to the bed while I knelt in front of him on top of the bed so we were overall the same height.He bit his lip and reached out to grab my waist but I fell back. His eyebrows furrowed together but my hands went to the hem of my shirt."It was my decision to come back so you'll have to be a good boy and wait." He tightly shut his eyes and took a breath, still biting his lips roughly. I made sure to arch my back slowly while taking my shirt off. I kissed on top of his adams apple and he hummed softly.I reached up to the first button of his shirt and unbuttoned it. I left a soft kiss just below his neck where the new skin shown through the fabric. Once it was halfway unbuttoned I grabbed his hands that were at his sides and tugged him softly on the bed."C'mon Chimchim, you're not gonna stand there the whole time are you." I said giggling at him. I laid my head on his shoulder and entwined my legs with his."I love you." He said quietly against my hair."I love you more." I said closing my eyes getting ready to drift off into the best sleep of my life.. He furrowed his brows and made an exaggerated serious face."I was giving you space, okay! My body was being felt in ways it's never been before. "Guess I'll have to fuck you harder next time." He smugly replied.

As soon as he started to pull away, my heart started to race and I started to think. That's a long ass time and he's been nothing but respectful and patient.. " We had only driven about a block but I threw some money at the driver and ran out the car, leaving the car door behind me open.

I grabbed both his hands to reveal his blushing face and put them on my hips. I felt his rough hands glide their way up to my chest. "Say my fucking name." He growled."J-ji- JIMIN OH FUCK, JIMIN J-JIMIN!

I bent down so my face was just above his and I smirked."Just touch me." I leaned back to my sitting position on top of him and straightened my back. I placed my hands back on his chest where I finished unbuttoning his shirt. " I let go of him and gripped the bedding around me arching my back and throwing my head back moaning loudly and closing my eyes."Ahng!! He pat his chest and I snuck over and put my head on top of him.

He opened the door and his smile suddenly turned to a face of utter confusion. " He asked raising an eyebrow."So *breath* I uh *breath* I thought about *breath* staying over *breath* you know an-" He grabbed my hand and roughly pulled me into his apartment.

He slammed the door shut and pushed me flat against the wall across from the door.

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