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Ex: “God’s grace is deep enough for every pain, (especially) the pain inflicted by providence.” Dude, everything is inflicted by providence.For these reasons I took off a star, but many sections, and the main concepts of the book are five star and v helpful.I've read several books before on dating/courtship/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. Pros: I love how this book starts investigating this topic by going right to the Bible and founding the entire discussion in the Gospel.Too many other authors that I've read seem to start their discussion and reasoning on this topic based off of personal anecdotes, or slippery-slope arguments.

It’s main point is that the Bible has only three types of male female relationships - neighbor, family, spouse.Their central point of relationships--that there are only three kinds of relationships in the Bible (marriage, family, neighbor), and that while some things change over time, you can't just add a whole new category of relationship--was excellent and completely transformed my whole paradigm of thinking on this issue.This book kind of defies categories in the whole dating/courtship debate.Maybe it's just the rebel streak in me, but even though I found myself generally agreeing with the authors', the way they presented their case made it a bit hard to swallow.The last few chapters wer A very helpful book and overall I found it a refreshing, clarifying, and encouraging look at the topic.

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