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Alternatively, playback can be controlled with Java Script, which the web designer can use to create a custom user interface.

The optional "poster" attribute specifies an image to show in the video's place before playback is started. Video format support varies among browsers (see below), so a web page can provide video in multiple formats.

Alternatively, the Java Script can Play Type() function can be used to achieve the same.

It is not generally possible to tell the set of formats supported by a multimedia framework without querying it, because that depends on the operating system and third party codecs.In the announcement, Cisco cited its desire of furthering the use of the Web RTC project as the reason, since Web RTC's video chat feature will benefit from having a video format supported in all the code will practically be free software only in countries without H.264 software patents, which has already been true about other existing implementations.In 2012, VP9 was released by Google as a successor to VP8, also open and royalty free.At the end of 2017 the new AV1 format developed by the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia) as the evolution of VP9 has reached the feature freeze, and the bitstream freeze is expected for January 2018.

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