Dating third date rule

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The "90-10" rule If you want a woman to kiss you, approach her 90% of the way, linger and wait and she will most likely kiss you !

(True or False)The "Seven Second' rule Kiss someone for at least seven seconds or it has very little meaning.

I think that being patient and not in a hurry might bode well for the success of the relationship.

Each person has their own "comfort zone" and walking down the same path almost simultaneously has it's advantages.

But not as much has been written about how it’s kind of a lot of pressure for guys, too. Then what happens is that you go out, and have a conversation, and go out again, and spend more time together, and eventually you might have some chemistry, and at some point you hop in the sack. It might be 2nd, 7th, or 18th – the point is it is entirely dependent on the dynamics between the two people. What’s funny is that most people will agree that it’s the way it should be.

There’s all this weird reverse psychology and game theory to it. But the problem is that people aren’t that innocent, so all they can do is pretend to be.

If it takes 3, 5, or even more dates, then that's how it goes.

So I know that it applies as far as I am concerned.For those that don’t know, the Third Date is supposedly “the one”.“If either party declines sex on the Third Date, it’s a clear sign that the relationship is going nowhere.” Now obviously that’s an item of contention for women – lots of women worry about the Third-Date rule and gnash their teeth and rend their garments, etc.I myself rules take the excitement out of meeting new people.I don’t really have anything all that intelligent to say about this, but I figured that I’d end up on the tail end of a google search with this entry’s title.

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