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Tayma is located 264 km southeast of the city of Tabouk, and about 400 km north of Medina.

It consists of an entrance, corridor, and three chambers.How would it have been possible for anyone not to carry out an order from the King or not to accomplish the wish of ‘the god’ Alexander?Valuable information was also obtained from the ascetics of the desert, who reported the existence of the tomb at the oasis and the worship of Alexander as a god, together with Ammon, like Abu Sisoes in the 4 The excavations, which were purely financed by our team, started in 1989 and the work was stopped in 1996.The tomb complex covers an enormous area of 12,000 square meters, of which 5,000 square meters were excavated.From the size of the tomb itself, which is 51m long and has an outer width of 10.25m, it is obvious that it could only have been destined for use as a burial monument for the worship of a very important person, such as a king.

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