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The Jewish Journal, a publication of The Buffalo Jewish Federation, also featured Dr.​This book demonstrates how Levi Gersonides articulated a unique model of virtue ethics among medieval Jewish thinkers. Karen Huff Klein, 68, a school bus monitor, endures profanity and nasty insults from a group of seventh graders.

Students called Klein an elephant, said they would egg her house, and shouted unprintable slurs. Growing up, I attended an all-girl’s yeshiva elementary school.Cohen of UB’s Department of Jewish Thought, but the first funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).“I’m honored and happy to receive this grant,” says Cohen, former director of the Institute of Jewish Thought and Heritage, and first chair of the Department of Jewish Thought in UB’s College of Arts and Sciences.James Mc Lachlan, professor of philosophy and religion at Western Carolina University, North Carolina, assists with the seminars, as does Jolanta Saldukaityte, who teaches philosophy at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.Without thinking, kids make fun of their parents and grandparents. Secondly, cherish and respect the generation above you. ” But these are the sparks that grew into a flame of hatred between brothers.They ignore them when they walk into a room and push them away with biting and sarcastic comments. They have lived long years, overcome great obstacles, discovered wisdom, and created a path for you. This is the fire that burned our temple and caused us to wander from land to land. We are consumed by hatred and destroy each other through words. Let us resolve to stop the hatred once and for all. Each of us has the power to build and create a world filled with love.

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