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Bay's best known designer was Bodo Mans, and it's common for many items to be attributed to him just because the name is known, but be sure those attributions are documented, not simply assumed.

Bay was one of the largest producers and made some very good designs.

Designers included Gerda Heuckenroth and Hanns Welling.

Top decors include Pergamon, Rustica, and Rubin plus rarities such as Saturn. Clay color ranges from light brown to very dark brown. Dümler & Breiden: (1883-1992) D&B was one of the many companies in the Höhr-Grenzhausen region, and they produced an enormous range of styles over the years, from very traditional to strong Pop Art. ES Keramik: (Emons & Sohne, 1921-1974) Quality of forms and decorations covered a broad range, but the good items are very good; one of the best is pitcher form 683, later released with shape number 883.

This is only a small sample of the companies and only a few of the bases they used. Click any thumbnail to see a larger picture and read the text.

However, they also produced a huge amount of kitsch, tourist ware and designs of questionable aesthetic value. Carstens: The Carstens Tönnieshof factory started in the 1950s and focused on a high quality product.

Economics forced them to stop significant art pottery production in the early 70s and survive on more utilitarian items.

They also produced their share of tourist and kitsch items during their art pottery years.

Production numbers were fairly high, but there were special lines and glazes done in much smaller numbers.

Most items have red-brown clay, but some made in Austria or Australia used a different clay. Ceramano: (1959-84) Ceramano was started by Jakob Schwaderlapp, who also ran Jasba, to be a higher-end company, more like a studio than most commercial art potteries.

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