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Production numbers were fairly high, but there were special lines and glazes done in much smaller numbers.Most items have red-brown clay, but some made in Austria or Australia used a different clay. Ceramano: (1959-84) Ceramano was started by Jakob Schwaderlapp, who also ran Jasba, to be a higher-end company, more like a studio than most commercial art potteries.(Keto items are often similar but generally a step down in quality, but there are definitely exceptions as Keto did some very striking designs.) E-mail Us klinker: "Klinker" items are made from a particular clay, one that is typically used for a type of brick called klinkers.When fired, the clay becomes water resistant even without a glaze.

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Not surprisingly, they are also hard to find with vases generally harder to find than plaques and plates.If no additional information is currently available, the potter will be named below the image and clicking will open the Antique Collectibles gallery, to assist you with any examples of the potters items we may have listed.You can also try searching for the potter in the search box above.Quality was high and production numbers relatively low.While the production from most commercial potteries is all moulded (although often with hand work in the decoration), Ceramano did both molded and hand-made pots.

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