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On American antique chairs, the ball and claw foot often consisted of an eagle's claw holding the ball.

Other chair feet include the Drake or trifid foot -- a three-toed flared foot.

All buyers should be wary of the enticement of the obviously underpriced.

The first rule of antique shopping: beware of the “it’s –a-steal” impulse. The market value of antique furniture generally does not allow fair payment for such talent, time, skill, imagination, and perseverance as the degree of faking just explained. Fifty to seventy five years ago, making fakes was economically worthwhile; fortunately, the old fake usually suffers from its age, and you benefit. The ravages of time after a premature aging reveal rather then conceal, as the wood shrinks and moves, the finish changes, and as more is learned about genuine antiques, the fake comes to look more “antiqued” than “antique”.

After most fakes are assembled, they are attacked by denting, bruising and gouging out areas of some primitive furniture to simulate being handmade.

One will also find excessive wear marks added, generally being much over done and sometimes in the wrong areas as compared to the original being copied.

Hence faking is not an easy business, it takes excessive time, effort, planning, creativity and deviance. Probably, some sort of revenge to an individual or group.

This object could be sold for little money to an antique dealer, say 0., who could in turn sell it many times over, possibly fetching at the final retail end say ,000.

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The path to the genuine is passing by way of all the frauds. It is the object many buyers fear most but is in fact the one they need fear least.

The char is then removed and bleached to remove every trace of carbon.

The chair is reassembled and presented with a thin coat of black paint.

In general when examining original crisp edges on wooden objects, they have only been slightly worn from wear and the ravages of time when compared to a faker who tends to over-round these areas, unconsciencely going to excesses of the original hoping to make his point.

I will use a hypothetical example of a chair; once built to exacting standards to copy the original, it is dismantled and each component is burned over an open fire to imitate wear.

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