Dating a book

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He will do whatever he has to in order for you to achieve an orgasmic experience.

He will also make sure he’s available for whenever you need him. Again, it’s all about making you feel like a queen; his queen.

It’s important for you to know the difference in whether it’s cute and meaningless or if it’s serious and wonderful.

Gemini men also have a hard time dealing with their own emotions so this is why they have a hard time letting their guard down and letting someone fully in. Gemini men are obvious letting you know they like you but how about if they are in love with you?

He wants to see his woman happy and on top of the world.

When this man is in love with you; the Gemini will do whatever he can to make sure you have pleasure in all ways.

Holding on and being patient to wait for your Gemini to commit to you may be difficult but it could be a wait that is well worth it.

You have to figure out for yourself whether or not you’re willing to see where it can lead you.

Whatever fuels your passion; when a Gemini man is in love with you, he will go out of his way to make sure your dreams are fulfilled.

He will especially want you to feel like a goddess in bed.

While he enjoys sexy lingerie, he doesn’t need it to fulfill his passion. Use your imagination and he’ll appreciate it and reciprocate.

If he goes the opposite direction and gets a bit cold, he could be rethinking things and isn’t sure if he wants to settle down with you.

It’s hard to tell where a Gemini’s head is at but when he is smothering you with affection and adoration, he either really likes you or he is in love with you.

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